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AIPL SpinCycle Pro

AIPL SpinCycle Pro Add big 24-bit Leslie / rotary speaker sound to digital music and make it FAT with this DirectX plug-in! Building on years of research, AIPL SpinCycle is the great plug-in to digitally simulate a rotating speaker. If you closed your eyes and played an actual Leslie speaker, then played SpinCycle, we bet you couldn't tell the difference! We couldn't! It's that good (patent 6,873,708 and more pending).
Add this sound to organ (e.g. Hammond organ), or to guitar and vocals to produce harmony or a unique flange, and hear the difference! AIPL SpinCycle simulates a mechanical rotary tremolo and vibrato system and is based on the Doppler-effect. There are thus no sonic tradeoffs, just great big rotary sound!
In addition to simulating the vibrato and tremolo modulation, SpinCycle simulates the tube pre-amp, as well as automatic speed controls and stereo-effects for an infinite number of microphone placements. To simulate the classic Leslie foot pedal, use the AutoRhythm setting. To create a totally new and cool "flange", mix a stereo track where both tracks are identical, except one is faded in or out, using AutoSpeed.
AIPL SpinCycle requires DirectX compatible studio as AIPL SpinCycle is a Windows DirectX plug-in.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 2.2
  • Windows XP/ME/2000/NT/98/95
  • Pentium 120 CPU
  • 32 MB RAM
  • DirectX plug-in compatible recording studio
License:Free to try, $79.99 to buy
Download Size:200 KB
Rating :

Suggested Uses:
  • Adding harmony to vocals or guitar (use corresponding presets)
  • Organ, with or without AutoRhythm selected
  • Using two off-axis microphones to produce a rich stereo sound
  • Using AutoSpeed and Mic2 on a stereo mix, where each track is identical except one is at a lower volume or faded in or out. This change in speed between two identical tracks produces a unique "flange". There is nothing similar to it.
  • Creating Surround Sound, by using two SpinCycle modules on two identical tracks, one with both mics in the front (default position), and one with both mics behind the speaker . You can use the Room Spin (Surround) presets. More details are available in the Behind Speaker section of Mic Placement and the Surround Sound section of SpinCycle’s help!


The 24-bit sound-processing algorithm is based upon a theoretical and experimental analysis of the frequency and amplitude modulation produced by a rotating speaker. The digital algorithm efficiently solves the actual equations produced by a rotating speaker. The algorithm is not a simple approximation as necessary with previous analog equipment. If you are concerned about required computational power, SpinCycle will run in real-time on any Pentium. If you want extremely accurate sound (labeled ProSound), you can select this option on SpinCycle for previewing and/or processing your audio.


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