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Code 39 Barcode Font pack
- For printing Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) & Extended Code 39 (Code 39 Full ASCII) barcodes

Code 39 (also known as "Code 3 from 9" or "Code 3 of 9") is the most commonly used bar code. It can encode both numbers and letters, which is ideal for most industries. The Code 39 character set includes the digits 0-9, the upper case letters A-Z, and the following symbols: plus (+), minus (-), period (.), dollar ($), slash (/), percent (%) and space.
A special start/stop character is placed at the beginning/end of each barcode. A modulo 43 check digit may be appended for increased data integrity but this checksum is seldom used.
Code 39 Barcode Font pack lets you create and print high quality code 39 barcodes in any program supporting TrueType fonts. In addition to the TrueType barcode fonts, the Code 39 font pack also includes Microsoft Office templates, sample documents (in Word DOC, Excel and pDF formats), VBA source code and Code 39 /Code 39 Full ASCII encoding software. The step-by-step explanation about how to use our bar code fonts can be found in the product manual and help document.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
File Size:1.48 MB
License:Free to try, $115.00 to buy

Contents of Code 39 Font pack:
  • 10 TrueType Code 39 bar code fonts
    The installer program of our font pack will copy and register these 10 TrueType fonts to your computer automatically. You may use different fonts in different occasions.
  • product manual and help document
    The step-by-step explanation about how to use our products. The "Code 39 Full ASCII - 128 Character Mapping Table" and "Control Character Mapping Table" are also included.
  • Document Templates for Microsoft Office
    You can create Word or Excel documents from our office templates and insert Code 39/Code 39 Full ASCII barcodes in doc or xls documents.
  • VBA source file for Microsoft Office
    We also provide VBA functions which can be imported into Word, Excel and Access. The detail steps about importing VBA file to your Office document can be found in the help document of our barcode font pack.
  • Code 39/Code 39 Full ASCII encoding software
    This tool can calculate the modulo 43 check digit and help you to encode Code 39 Full ASCII data. It can also help you to choose the right font.
  • Sample documents
    Include Word, Excel, Access and pDF documents. In the Developer Edition you can also get Visual C++ and Visual Basic sample projects.
Code 39 Barcode Font pack offers 10 fonts overall:
Font sizeFonts with text below the barcodeFonts with no text below the barcode
Extra Small32TechCode39XS32TechCode39XST
Middle (Standard)32TechCode39M32TechCode39MT
Extra Large32TechCode39XL32TechCode39XLT

When the font size is 12, if you select the font 32TechCode39M or 32TechCode39MT, it will display/print standard-sized (magnification 1.0) Code 39 barcode. 12 is the default font size in many word processing programs (such as Microsoft Word); if you select a font with the suffix S, XS, L or XL, it will display and print small, extra small, large or extra large barcodes that are shorter/higher than standard-sized ones.

X Dimension
X Dimension is the nominal size of narrow elements in a barcode symbol. When the point size is 12, the X Dimension is 8.14 mils.

Conversion among barcode height, font name, point size and X Dimension (mils):
point SizeHeight (XS, XST)Height (S, ST) Height (M, MT)Height (L, LT)Height (XL, XLT)X Dimension
SHeight of Code 39 Barcode (mm)X

If you want to print a barcode with height H, just use the formula below to calculate the font size S:
S = (12 * H ) / height of the font when the font size is 12
If you want to print a barcode with X Dimension X, just use the same formula:
S = (12 * X ) / 8.14
For example, if you want to print a Code 39 barcode with the height 10 and will use 32TechCode39ST font, then in Word or other programs you should select the font size: (12 * 10) / 6=20. If you use 32TechCode39M font, the font size should be: (12 * 10) / 13 =9.23. If you want to print a barcode with X Dimension 10, the font size should be (12 * 10) / 8.14 = 14.74
Not all programs support non-integer font sizes, nor do all Code 39 bar codes have to be 10 mm high. Therefore, you may adjust the barcode to a proper height as you need, then select a font most convenient to calculate the font size. please refer to the product manual for more information about the font specifications.

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