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ACDSee 8 Photo Manager

ACDSee 8 photo software for digital enthusiasts makes it fast and easy to organize, manage, enhance, and share all your valued photo memories.

Your photo collection is growing daily. Family pictures, travel pictures, pet pictures, pictures of your home and garden – with so many photos to look through, how will you find and organize your best ones?

Well, it's easy if you have a good photo management software. But if you don't, your valuable memories will end up getting lost in the clutter. That's why you need photo software that helps you find and organize your photos quickly, reliably, and frustration free.

ACDSee 8 Photo Manager's razor-sharp search tools help you sift through thousands of pictures effortlessly, find the best ones, and sort them into common sense categories that make them easy to find later.

Wouldn't it be nice to organize your photos like an expert, without having to spend tons of time and money learning complicated digital photo software?

That's exactly what ACDSee 8 can do for you.

Find your one photo in a million, and easily manage the rest. Count on powerful organizational tools – like customizable folders and categories - that make it easy to keep track of, preserve, and enjoy the memories you hold dear.

Find your pictures in a snap with the Quick Search Bar. Touch up your pictures using photo editor features like the Photo Repair tool. Organize your pictures into a photo album. Create inspiring Flash slide shows set to your favorite music. Burn your images to CD or VCD. Share your photo albums with friends and family online or by e-mail. Plus, with a range of failsafe storage features, you'll never lose a single photograph.

Software Information System Requirements
File Size:12.1 MB
  • Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP
  • PentiumIII 500 MHz processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard drive space
License:Free to try, $49.99 to buy
Rating :

Key features of ACDSee 8 Photo Manager :
  • Find, open, view & connect with your photos instantly.

    Your digital photo collection is getting too big to handle. It's becoming harder and harder to find the photos you want, when you want them.

    You need a fast way to find that one photo in a million, while being able to easily organize the rest.

    ACDSee finds your photos faster than any other photo software on the market. It's so fast, in fact, it's become the industry standard for a range of features in comparison to its major competitors.

    Just view your photos instantly and manage them using simple, effective, and powerful photo software tools.

    You want to find your best shots from a collection of hundreds. You need a fast, easy and reliable photo software solution.

    Find that one brilliant picture of your daughter's graduation ceremony, or your best friend's wedding, by simply typing a keyword into the Quick Search bar. All you have to do is type in a word (not case sensitive), and ACDSee photo software returns matches for that word in image captions, author information, and notes. You can also choose to include any matches found in file names, keywords, categories, and folders.

    To see any of your photos fast, just select the folder you want and then breeze through the thumbnail previews. Drop them into special favorites folders, find duplicates of your pictures, and generate complete file listings for easy perusal. You can also resize any image according to your exact needs, or instantly view it in full-size.

    Quickly import photos from a variety of sources
    Use the Get Photos feature to easily grab your photos from a wide range of sources, including digital cameras, scanners, USB mass storage devices, and CDs.

    You can even control your camera's memory card storage space for maximum efficiency. ACDSee 8 photo software recognizes when a storage device is connected to your PC, and gives you the option of automatically acquiring and deleting images from the designated source. That means it's easy to trim the fat off of your photo collections as you go.

  • Fast, customizable photo browsing

    Sit back. Relax. It's smooth searching from this point on. Basic and advanced browsing options make it easy to refine your searches down to the very last detail, no matter how big your collection.

    The Quick Start screen provides an introductory overview of features to help new users get started quickly. The Task Pane provides easy access to common features, so you don't have to search though the menus.

    Tailor your photo categories and folders to suit the subjects you shoot. Whether it's family gatherings, sports games, landscapes, travel adventures, portraits, artistic photos, special events, or once-in-a-lifetime moments –Photo Manager makes managing your photos simple, elegant, and safe.

    Take advantage of the Selective Browsing feature to search for your photos using several criteria at the same time. Find photos lightning-fast by Folder, Category, Date or all three.

    Look through multiple folders, categories, or calendar dates all at once. If you need to see or compare a selection of photos from different folders, there's no need to create a new folder. Just drag and drop the pictures into a new category, then browse to that category and view them - this way you avoid copying photos unnecessarily.

    ACDSee 8 supports high and low-resolution photos with equal fidelity, in over 50 popular formats including BMP, GIF, IFF, JPG, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, RSB, SGI, TGA and TIFF.

    If you're a real enthusiast, you can analyze photos in their original RAW formats, or take advantage of fully integrated support for IPTC metadata. IPTC is used for standard newswire images and allows you to add catchy keywords to your photos. Any keywords you add stay with your photos when you share them.

    View and edit your IPTC information and overlay it on any photo in the Viewer, or on thumbnails in the Browser. Display IPTC info in your slide shows, or sort your file lists and compare images based on IPTC data.

    Search by any file property for added convenience, including:

    • Name
    • Date or modified date
    • Size
    • Image attributes such as height and width
    • File format
    • Keywords and ratings
    • IPTC metadata (photographer's name, date taken, etc.)
    • EXIF metadata (shutter speed, GPS, etc.)

    Write clever, humorous, or descriptive text captions, and add them to your photos just for fun. You can even add styles and special effects to the text you write, truly making your memories worth a thousand prints. Styles include talk and thought bubbles, as well as drop shadows. Add up to 13 special effects such as Blur, Ripple, Shift and Twirl.

    Zoom and pan to your heart's content, or use the Magnifying Glass to get up close. The Navigation pane also allows you to do detailed work inside small, zoomed-in areas on large photos. The helpful zoom and pan lock function lets you check the same area in a series of photos – like ones with bracketed exposures – without having to rezoom and repan each time.

    Easily get ahold of information like date, format, dimensions, camera metadata, personal captions, keywords, ratings, author and category in the Browse window. Plus, database search functions can find your photos by filename, camera metadata, and text included in your keywords, captions or author information.

    Refine your search within specific folders, categories or date ranges with the Calendar feature, or perform advanced specific searches based on camera metadata. For example, you can search by

    • Camera make or model
    • Exposure
    • Flash
    • Focal length (zoom)
    • Shutter speed
    • Aperture
    • Date

    Your browsing capabilities will also include CDs, DVDs and VCDs. You can update your photo discs on multi-session CDs and DVDs, as well as browse through all your CDs that are detected by the Device Detector.

    Easily add your photo CD collection to the image database on your computer, or view thumbnails on your CDs without having to reload them onto your machine.

  • Keep it simple by managing lots of photos all at once

    Rename multiple photos, or the contents of an entire folder, with the stroke of a key. Instantly change confusing digital camera file names into names that you recognize.

    Convert batches of image files to JPEG, the world's most widely used and recognized graphic file format. You can also modify specific format settings within file formats like IFF, PNG, PSD, and RAS.

    Use ACDSee 8's digital image management tools to rename, resize, rotate, add EXIF information, and adjust the exposure of a single image, a group of images, or the contents of an entire folder all at once.

    Being able to control your photos in batches saves you valuable time and effort. Batch Set Information allows you to update EXIF (Image Description, Artist, Copyright etc.) and DB (caption, date/time, author, notes etc.) info, and view previews of new values for any number of images all at once.

    Create new keywords and categories, copy values from one file to another (e.g., copy DB notes to EXIF comments), map values from one file to another, and create and apply stored text on a field-by-field basis.

  • Edit and fix images quickly

    ACDSee 8 has all the essential features of an industry-leading photo editor software, without the complications of a professional picture editor.

    For example, the new Photo Repair tool fixes common photo defects such as blemishes, flares, lens scratches, and other imperfections, so your treasured photo memories always look great, no matter how you choose to show them. Choose from either the Clone or Heal options to repair any area of a photo.

    The Heal option is a professional-quality tool that allows you to fix a picture while maintining its color and texture sensitivity. For example, you can use it to remove scars from a subject's face, leaving the area looking natural and in context with the rest of the photo.

    Plus, the handy shortcut toolbar gives you instant access to:

    • One-click red-eye repair
    • Cropping
    • Sharpening
    • Adjusting exposure
    • Removing noise
    • Resizing
    • Rotating/flipping
    • Converting file formats
    • Setting EXIF info
    • Adjusting image time stamp
    • Renaming files and categories

    Automatically crop your selections after custom angle rotations, or directly from the shortcut menu. Access handy exposure warnings, easily apply zooming tools while viewing and editing images, and choose from 27 brilliant filters and special effects, including Sepia, Swirl, Bulge and Oil Paint.

    Before and after previews ensure you get the best results. Edit pictures in over 50 different formats, and convert photos into over 10 popular formats, including BMP, GIF, PCX, RSB, TGA and TIFF.

    Resize any photo by adjusting its dimensions in pixels, percentage, or actual/print size. While resizing, you can also choose an aspect ratio and a resampling filter to manipulate the appearance of the resized image.

    Make automatic adjustments to exposure, color, contrast, and brightness, or set brightness, contrast and gamma yourself. You can even choose specific levels for shadows, mid-tones, highlights, and red, green and blue channels. Save your settings and use them to fix exposure on other groups of photos.

    Resampling filters dramatically improve the quality of your prints. Use them to stylize the look of resized or printed images. For example, you can add a blurring or smoothing effect to an image, or enhance the hard edges between different image areas.

  • Share your photos by e-mail and online directly from ACDSee 8

    Instantly and securely deliver your photos to global destinations by e-mail or mobile phone. You can use the E-mail Image Sharing Wizard to send images directly from ACDSee 8 without having to open an external email application. E-mail your memories to friends and family with supersonic speed through Outlook™, Outlook Express™, Mozilla Thunderbird™, or Eudora™.

    Simply (1) select a group of photos using ACDSee 8, (2) click File | E-mail Images, (3) choose your recipients, and (4) send your photos on their way.

    Add personalized messages directly to any e-mail messages you send. Determine the size of your images and messages, and control e-mail message sizes, reducing them to meet specific size restrictions.

    Share your memories on the Web

    The HTML album generator makes posting and sharing your photos on the Web a reality. With ACDSee 8 you can organize and share a photo album online in no time.

    Page layout controls now have mouse-over tips you can really use. Choose titles, subtitles and home page URLs, as well as your favorite font sizes, styles and background colors. You can also:

    • Choose the number of photos per page
    • Select thumbnail size
    • Designate thumbnail format
    • Include captions, notes, dates and other file properties

    Easily customize your page headers and footers, or set the delay interval for photos in your Web slide shows.

    The Media window comes with full music playback controls. You can also extract video frames and save them as still photos to add to your collection.

    Building dynamic Flash or PDF slide shows has never been easier or more fun to do. Use ACDSee 8 to add the following to your projects:

    • Up to 12 unique transition effects
    • Optional auto-repeat
    • Background colors
    • Optional play bar
    • Image size options

  • Command a wide range of print options

    The Print Wizard lets you customize your print sizes, or print to popular sizes such as 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10. Customize the color and quality of your photos by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, curves and more. ACDSee 8 also supports EXIF 2.2 printing, meaning you can print high quality, accurate, and professional looking colors.

    Choose from a full set of standard and custom print options. See and set specific print preferences for each picture, then quickly flip between pages when you need to print multiple photos at the same time.

    Other multi-photo print options include:

    • Row and column settings
    • Spacing and framing choices
    • Color and drop shadow options

    Enthusiasts and hobbyists alike will relish EXIF 2.2 printing support, ensuring the colors recorded by your camera are printed in the same high-quality tones and shades. Just select the EXIF 2.2 check box and ACDSee 8 will forward your photo's EXIF information to your printer.

    Print options for single and multiple photos let you:

    • Include your own caption, header or footer
    • Insert personal keywords
    • Insert camera metadata (EXIF, IPTC)
    • Insert any other file property
    • Format and align text
    • Set page margins
    • Auto-rotate photos
    • Auto-crop or shrink photos to fit
    • Modify print properties

  • The best in photo storage, archiving, and photo protection

    Your memories are under lock and key with ACDSee 8's failsafe storage features.

    Use the Sync feature to synchronize folders on your PC with network folders or an external hard drive to protect you from local hard drive failure. You can even synchronize multiple folders and schedule when the synchronizations occur.

    Ensure you never lose a single memory. Instantly save and archive your collections of photos to trusted formats, no matter the size. Archive your files in .ZIP, secure PDF, and many others. Storing files in LZH, TAR, GZIP and TGZ archive formats gives you a wider range of dependable options to share your photos in. Some archive formats can even be protected with passwords for maximum security.

    • Use powerful features like folder exclusion, database rebinding, archive reminders, and direct backup to CD.
    • Preserve existing folder structures within the archive.
    • Easily browse image thumbnails inside compressed archives.

    The Burn Basket makes creating CDs and DVDs drag-and-drop easy. Individual photos or entire folders - you name it, the Burn Basket can take it. Make hard copies of your photo collections faster than ever before, then give them as gifts to family and friends.

    Improve organization by creating new folders within the Burn Basket, and update ACDSee Photo Discs on multi-session CDs and DVDs. Easily manage your disc space by checking the updated estimate of the size of the disc, and how much space will be used up by your current project.

    The Burn Basket completely eliminates the need for a third-party burning tool, and can also be used to create archives and backups of your files.

  • Create spellbinding photo slide shows

    Create your own stunning slide shows with transition effects and sound, and then share them on CD or by e-mail. What's more, your recipients do not have to have ACDSee to view your creations.

    Create Flash, PDF, and instant slide shows, as well as personalized photo screen savers - all with improved mouse and keyboard functionality for easier pausing and scrolling through your slides. VCD (Video Compact Disc) support lets you put your creative slide shows to music, and then show them off on your television or PC.

    Mix multiple audio tracks into your slide shows without the hassle of learning overly complicated software. A unique function also enables you to synch audio to slides, which makes the slide show last as long as the background soundtrack you've selected.

    ACDSee 8's support of HighMAT and MPV mean that you can burn your image files to CD, DVD, and VCD, and take your PC experience into the living room, or watch your pictures come to life on TiVo® DVR.

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