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StatWin Pro

StatWin software is designed to collect, store and analyze the statistics of computer operation and user activities under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. StatWin software provides a comprehensive computer monitoring and user monitoring.

It gives you valuable statistics. It lets you analyze how effectively you or your employees are using computers. The software counts aggregate operation time, average operation time per day and per run for a given computer or user. You can even view statistics for a certain period of time - day, week, month or year. StatWin collects information about applications launched, running time, close-down time, names of users. This statistics lets you find out which programs are used most often and learn if any inappropriate software is used in the office. Modem and Internet monitoring features are intended to track time spent browsing the Web. The report shows name of the user and time he or she logged on/off, as well as complete statistics about user’s Internet activity. You can even calculate the cost of using the Net if you don’t pay a fixed monthly fee. Another very popular “office” feature is printer statistics, which can answer any printer use questions - names of printed documents, printers used, number of pages of printed documents, who printed them, when it was and how long it took to print. Corporate users are sure to appreciate StatWin features that collect information about users connected to other computers via network - connection start time, connection finish time, overall work time, name of user connected via the network, name of the user's computer, idle connection time. This information is used to provide you with users activity report – what percentage of total operation time is actual working time and what was done. .

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Pentium processor
  • 64 MB RAM
File Size:1.24 MB
License:Free to try, $59.00 to buy

Key Features of StatWin Enterprise :
  • Computer start time monitoring, computer shutdown monitoring.
    Time tracking. Tracking login names of the users currently working on a computer, tracking number of computer starts and freezes. tracking total working time, average working time, average working time per day, per week, etc are collected also. The statistics can be displayed for the user-defined periods: day, week, month, year, etc.
  • Processes monitoring, applications monitoring.
    Tracking process (application) name, process window title, process start time, process shutdown time, process total running time, user name.
  • Modem monitoring.
    Tracking connection name, connection start time, connection end time, connection total operation time, number of bytes received by modem, number of bytes sent by modem, connection speed, the phone usage time, user name.
  • Internet monitoring by servers.
    Tracking all the Internet connections made with remote servers. Tracking remote server IP, remote server name, remote server port (http, ftp, pop, smtp, ...), Internet connection start time, Internet connection end time, Internet connection total usage time, user name.
  • Internet monitoring by sites.
    Tracking all the Internet sites visited. Tracking site address URL, site name, start time, end time, total usage time, user name.
  • Printer monitoring.
    Tracking local and network printers. Tracking printed documents' titles, document printing time, number of document pages printed, user name.
  • The user activity monitoring.
    Here you can view the statistics about the keyboard and mouse usage. In the end you will get the following information: total time, active time, idle time, percent of activity, percent of being idle, number of buttons pressed, number of buttons clicked, user name.
  • The user activity monitorng per processes (applications).
    In what process (application), what user, what was entered, what mouse buttons were clicked, the process usage percentage, user name.
  • The access to the computer from the network (LAN) monitoring.
    Tracking access start time, end time, access total time, remote user name, idle time of the remote user, current local user name.
  • The shared resources access (files, printers, folders) from the network (LAN) monitoring.
    Tracking access start time, end time, access total time, remote user name, resource name, remote user rights for the selected shared resource, local user name.
  • The network (LAN) access from your computer monitoring.
    Tracking access start time, end time, access total time, local username, LAN resource name.
  • Keyboard monitoring.
    Tracking what keys were pressed, window title, process (application) name, start time, end time, total usage time, user name. Stores information about all keys that were pressed by all users.
  • Mouse monitoring.
    Tracking what mouse buttons were clicked, window title, process (application) name, start time, end time, total usage time, user name. Counts the number of mouse buttons clicks and stores all information.
  • The programs adding and removing monitoring.
    Tracking program name, at what time, user name.

    Additional features
  • Skinable counter-clocks. It can show internet working time.
  • Stealth mode. Invisible to everyone.
  • Administration.
  • Network operation support.
  • Safe secured remote administration tools.
  • Files/Registry keys protection from reading/writing/copying/deleting.
  • Self protected system. StatWin protects own system files and settings.
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