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Safe Cracker

Safe cracker is the long awaited fruit machine from Software Illusions. The game is based on a wraparound style feature board, similar to encrypted.
The feature game consists of three trails, features, cash, and shots as well as the unique "Safe Cracker" feature! Collect all 3 stick's of dynamite to blow the safe apart and collect the ultimate reward. Features heavily improved realistic spinning reels, and lots of other cool features making this game the most realist fruit machine sim available on the internet, ever!

Software Information System Requirements
Genre: Simulation
  • Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
  • DirectX 7
  • Pentium2 800MHz processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 32 MB square space
File Size: 4.54 MB
License: Free to try, $10.99 to buy
Rating :

Main Features of Safe Cracker :
  • Boost - Your current trail position is increased.
  • Super Boost - Your current trail position is increased, with a guaranteed win
  • Trail Skill - The trail lights scroll up and down, stop them on the start position.
  • Selector - A random pattern of trail amounts are lit up, select the best one!
  • Nudges - You are awarded a random amount of nudges.
  • Add Again - The number on the reels are added again to the trail.
  • Stopper - All the lights on the trail randomly flash, stop on a good selection.
  • Double Trail - Your current trail position in doubled.
  • Bar Spinner - The player will be returned to the main board where a winning combination of bars will be spun onto the reels.
  • Money Belt - 3 cash amounts will be scrolled across the alphanumeric display, it is up to the player to stop them on what they believe to be the best combination.
  • Fast Cash - The cash amounts on the feature board will light up one by one and randomly. It is up to the player to try and stop the light on the best possible win.
  • Reel Skill - The player is returned to the main board. The 1st reel will begin revolving at a fast rate. The player must stop the reel on the best possible position. The 3rd reel will then begin to spin at a slower rate, the player must try to match this reel with the symbol stopped on the 1st reel. If sucessful the 2nd reel will match the other 2 reels and the appropriate win will be awarded.
  • Pick a Win - The player is returned to the main board where a series of winning combinations are spun in, the player must select what they believe to be the best combination.
  • Win Spins - The player is returned to the main board where a random amount winning spins are given on the reels.
  • Super money Belt - 3 Cash amounts, all above £1, are scrolled across the alphanumberic display, the player must stop them on what they believe to be the best possible combination.
  • Lets Spin - The player is returned to the main board. The reels line-up and begin to revolve in sequence. The player must try and stop the reels on the best possible win.
  • Win Streak - The player is returned to the main board, where a winning combination is spun in on the reels. A repeat chance is offered, and if successful another winning combination is spun in and added to the bank!
  • Jackpot Repeater - The player is awarded the top prize (£15), with the chance of a repeat.
  • Game Over - Thrown off the board
  • Lose Thrown off the board
  • Continue Lucky! - continue with your game
  • Skill Decide - Skill chance not to be killed!
  • Extra Life - Cannot be killed
  • Boost - Boosts you around the feature board
  • Money In - Shows the amount of money the machine has taken.
  • Money Out - Shows the amount of money the machine has paid out.
  • Current Percentage - Shows the % of money paid out compared to money taken in.
  • Target Percentage - Shows the ratio of money in to money paid out which the machine is trying to reach.
  • Hopper- Displays the amount of virtual money on the Hopper
  • Cash Box - Displays the virtual amount of cash that has fallen into the machines cash box
  • Last Win - Displays the last win collected
  • Drift - Displays the amount of cash the machine can realistically pay out to keep its percentage, or indeed how much it has to save to get back to its target percentage!
  • Streak Pot - This meter shows how much money the machine has saved towards giving a series of Jackpots.
  • Diff. - Displays the difference between the actual percentage and the target percentage.

    When you register you will receive these benefits:
  • 10 use limit will no longer apply..
  • No restrictions on the features you can take..
  • You will be able to view the reel guide..
  • You will be able to transfer money from the bank to your credits..
  • Finally, you will seep better knowing you are supporting Software Illusions!
More Screenshots - Click each image to enlarge!

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