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Music Wizard

Music Wizard is an easy-to-use and powerful organizer for your music collection (CDs, MP3s, LPs etc.). Music Wizard is a tool for everybody who needs fast access to the contents of his CDs, Tapes and other record types. You can manage, edit and sort your records. Further you can print professional CD-covers with user defined background pictures. Perhaps You know the following situation: you are searching for a certain CD Track (for example "Earth Song" from "Michael Jackson"), but you do not find it among your 1000 CDs...Music Wizard will help you!

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
File Size:6.83 MB
License:Free to try, $49.79 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features of Music Wizard :
  • CD, MP3, Vinyl Record, Tape, MiniDisc and other record types are supported
  • powerful song search and sort functions
  • full MP3 support: play, copy, move, rename, delete MP3 files (Professional version only)
  • ID3-tag editing: add, update or delete ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags (Professional version only)
  • CD cover and label printing
  • Offline-CD-Archive with more than 800,000 CDs
  • programmable CD-Player
  • lending manager
  • database statistics (Professional version only)
  • Support for nearly all record types
    With Music Wizard you can organize nearly all record types: MP3, CD, DVD, MiniDisc, Vinyl-LP, Tape, DCC, DAT and Music-Video-Tapes.
  • Special functions for MP3 files
    Music Wizard 6 Standard and Professional are able to scan your harddrive / CD(s) for MP3 files. If a MP3 has got an ID3 Tag (id3v1 or id3v2), the information will be read and copied to your Music Wizard database. If the ID3 Tag is missing, Music Wizard tries to extract the artist and song title from the filename and filepath. Music Wizard Professional has got functions for copying, moving, renaming and deleting your selection of MP3 songs.
  • Powerful search function
    Music Wizard has got a powerful song search function. With this function you can locate songs within seconds. Even if you don't know the exact artist or song title name, you can search for partial expressions.
  • Sorted title lists
    An important feature in the Music Wizard is the generation of sorted title lists. You can generate lists sorted by artist, title, time or records. All lists can be printed or saved as a text file.
  • Compilation support
    Besides the usual album type (one artist per record) Music Wizard supports compilation records (multiple artists), too.
  • Offline CD-archives and freedb support
    If you have a big CD collection, Music Wizard will prevent you from typing in hundreds of tracknames. Simply insert your CD into your drive, click on the CD symbol, and Music Wizard browses its Offline CD archive with more than 440,000 CDs. If your CD is not found, you can download the CD contents via Internet from the freedb server. The freedb database contains more than 500,000 CDs, so you have a very good chance to find the most of your CDs.
  • Printing CD covers and labels
    Music Wizard allows you to print professional CD and tape covers. You can also print CD labels for your CD-Rs. Many options allow you to design the cover like you need it, e.g. font selection, column style (centered, left aligned, ...). Covers and labels can be printed with a user defined background graphic.
  • Integrated CD-Player
    Music Wizard has an integrated graphical CD-Player. You can make an individual track selection for each CD (CD program), or you can select all tracks that match a certain rating range. All programs are saved to your database, so you have only to program each CD once.
  • Lending database
    If you lend a record to a friend, you can mark this record as lent in Music Wizard. In addition you can also save infos of the person you lent the record. If the person has not returned the record until your defined expiration date, you will get an "record not returned alert." each time you launch Music Wizard.

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