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Ez Phone Recorder - phone recording software

Phone Recorder, phone recording software Ez Phone Recorder is usefull phone recording software that runs on Windows platform and uses your voice modem to record both incoming and outgoing telephone calls. The program captures caller id, and provides a built-in address book that enables you to selectively record your incoming calls from your business partners, tax officers or friends. It further monitors your phone line for all outgoing calls, and automatically records phone conversations if voice is detected. Moreover, it will instantly notify you of newly recorded messages through emails to your pager or cellular phone. Additionally, you can attach memos or notes to all logged calls. With its built-in search tool, you can quickly retrieve and find these messages.

Ez Phone Recorder also provides other useful features such as one-click manual recording, unlimited recording length, super-monitoring mode, and legal announcement if required by your country or state. To free try this program for 15 days, you can download to have a try .

Software Information System Requirements
  • Voice modem.
  • Windows 9x/ME/2K/XP/2003.
  • IE 4.0 or above.
  • Mic & Speaker.
  • 20M HD & 16M RAM
  • 200M CPU or above.
File Size:687 KB
License:Free to try, $49.95 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

Top 6 reasons to use our phone recording software - Ez Phone Recorder:
  1. Want to start phone recording at anytime?
    Ez Phone Recorder provides a Record button on its toolbar. With a simple click, you can start phone recording at anytime.

  2. Want to keep permanent phone records and find them easily?
    Ez Phone Recorder allows you to attach notes or memos to all call logs. With its built-in search tool, you can find them quickly.

  3. Want to auto-record incoming calls selectively from biz partners but not those from your friends?
    Ez Phone Recorder will capture caller id and automatically distinguish incoming calls and auto-record only those calls that you have selected.

  4. Want to find out cheating spouse or partner?
    Ez Phone Recorder monitors telephone line activities and auto-records phone conversations when voice is detected. The program is highly reliable and has adopted latest techniques in digital signal processing. No outgoing calls will ever be missed by Ez Phone Recorder.

  5. Want to take immediate action upon new calls even when you are on Jamaica beach?
    Ez Phone Recorder will instantly notify you of newly auto-recorded calls and forward these calls through your email account to your pager or cellular phone within seconds.

  6. Want to store phone records for the next decade?
    Ez Phone Recorder is designed to accommodate millions of phone calls and logs, its recording length is unlimited and its storage capacity is only limited by your hard disk. Therefore, if you do not delete them, you can retrieve your phone records a decade later.
Key Features of our phone recording software :
  • Auto-record incoming calls selectively.
  • Record both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Support both manual and auto-recording mode.
  • Auto-monitoring telephone line activities for outgoing calls.
  • Capture and display caller id for incoming calls.
  • Voice activated recording when monitoring outgoing calls.
  • Super-monitoring mode for outgoing calls.
  • Notifying and forwarding messages to email accounts. (e.g. pagers or cellular phones)
  • Unlimited recording length.
  • Phone address book.
  • Organize messages under different folders.
  • Flashing icon upon new calls.
  • Attach notes or memos to logged calls and address book entries.
  • Quick sort logged calls based on time, name or phone number.
  • Powerful built-in search tool.
  • Iconize to system tray.
  • Legal announcement before recording if configured.
  • Simple installation and setup.


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