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DVDxDV Pro for Mac

DVDxDV is a program that can extract the audio and video from a DVD. This is the reverse process of the DVD authoring or creating a DVD.
DVDxDV creates a Quicktime file on your computer that is a copy of the video on the DVD. This file used to share with others, edited into a new video, or even burned on to a new DVD.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • Apple Quicktime 7.03
  • 256MB RAM
File Size:4.13 MB
License:Free to try, $80.00 to buy

  • DVDxDV is easier to use than a command line utility like ffmpeg. You simply insert your DVD into your MacIntosh, and DVDxDV will display the video that is stored on your DVD. You can then select a video clip and extract it to any Quicktime supported format.
  • DVDxDV will automatically break a movie file up into chunks, so that a long clip can be imported into iMovie. This new iMovie export setting splits a movie into 8 minute segments that are small enough to be imported into iMovie. iMovie can't import a movie file that is greater than 2 gigabytes and this new preset allows you to bypass the problem. By importing the separate pieces, a long video from a DVD can be imported into iMovie and then edited.
  • Version 1.05 has an ehanced preview window that now plays the audio and video back at the same time. The 16:9 resizing feature has been improved to better preserve the proper aspect ratio and field order of the anamorphic video.
  • DVDxDV will not decrypt any material that contains CSS encryption, or any other type of encryption.
  • DVDxDV will preserve the original look of the video. A single video frame is made up of two smaller parts called fields. These fields can get can lost with other DVD extraction programs, causing the picture to look very bad when viewed on a television screen. DVDxDV is capable preserving these fields, so that the video will look smooth if it is played back on a television screen. In order to do this, you must extract the DVD video to a Quicktime format that supports interlaced video, such as DV.
  • DVDxDV allows you to extract multi-channel audio into individual 24 bit AIFF files (one file for each channel). The interlace field order can be changed to lower field or upper field dominant.

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