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VehiCalc Car Loan/Lease Analyzer Home Ed

VehiCalc Car Loan/Lease Analyzer Home Ed VehiCalc Car Loan/Lease Analyzer Home Ed is a powerful yet simple to use tool that allows you to quickly calculate car loan and lease payments, compare the true cost of ownership versus leasing and generate loan amortization schedules so you can see principal/interest breakdowns and running loan balances.
VehiCalc Car Loan/Lease Analyzer Home Ed can create accurate amortization schedules with VehiCalc quickly and easily. The Solve for Missing Number calculator allows you to enter your known values and solve for the payment amount, loan amount, interest rate or amortization period. Simply enter what you know and click on the calculator icon beside the parameter you don't know and VehiCalc will immediately solve for the missing number. Once finished, you can create a schedule using the calculated parameters with the click of a button.
The Payment Grids tool allows you to generate grids in five different configurations showing payment and loan amounts based upon various variables along the X and Y axis of the chart. For example, a payment grid with the loan amount on the left and the interest rate across the top. This tool replaces the old mortgage table books that are not flexible enough for today's wide array of loan types.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 3.0
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 45 MB free Hard Disk Space
  • Monitor 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
  • IBM or Pentium II or higher
License:Free to try, $39.95 to buy
File Size: 8.19 MB
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

Main Features of VehiCalc Car Loan/Lease Analyzer Home Ed:
  • Lease Payment Calculator
    With the Lease Payment Calculator you can quickly calculate the Lease Payment for your vehicle. This allows you to know what the payment should be based upon the negotiated value. No longer do you have to worry about losing out on your hard negotiated discounts. A detailed breakdown of the payment is included in a summary report.
  • Loan/Lease Comparison
    With this tool you can calculate side by side the actual overall cost of buying versus leasing a vehicle. Sometimes an attractive low monthly lease payment in the end means a substantially more expensive car. A detailed report provides additional information.
  • Solve for Missing Number Calculator
    The Solve for Missing Number calculator allows you to enter your known values and solve for the missing payment amount, loan amount, interest rate or amortization period.
  • Payment Grids
    Quickly create not just loan payment tables but five different grid configurations allow you to quickly see at a glance the impact of loan amounts, interest rates and payment amounts.
  • Loan Amortization Schedules
    With this tool you can immediately see the effect of different payment frequencies and interest rates on your overall interest costs and loan retirement time. Generate schedules to see the principal/ interest splits of your payments and running loan balances.
  • Create and save any number of amortization schedules
  • Allows you to set the loan amount, interest rate, payment frequency (including accelerated payments) and interest compounding frequency
  • Includes principal/interest breakdowns along with running totals of interest paid and principal owing
  • Any payment frequency including monthly, bi-weekly and weekly
  • Allows you to print your schedule in 5 different formats and specify a date range for the years to print
  • Different compounding methods include U.S. Rule (Simple Interest) and Canadian mortgages
  • Specify a start date for the schedule or use generic time references
  • Before and After display shows the effect of the latest changes
  • Undo and Redo buttons allow you to go back and forth through your calculation changes
  • Five different report formats can be printed for different date ranges using specific from and to dates
  • Annual reports can be summarized based upon any fiscal year end showing interest and principal paid during the year
Main Benefits of VehiCalc Car Loan/Lease Analyzer Home Ed:
  • Know exactly what your lease payment should be. Knowing the negotiated price, interest rate (or Money Factor) and residual value is enough to determine what the lease payment should be. Don't let yourself be deceived by hidden fees and charges being added without your knowledge.
  • Know the true cost of a lease versus a purchase. Sometimes a lower lease payment can seem to be a better deal, but it isn't always so. Use the Compare Loan vs. Lease feature to see the true costs and make the right decision.
  • Missing a variable? If you need the quick answer to the missing variable, the Solve for Missing Number calculator will meet your needs. Solve for the payment amount, loan amount, interest rate or loan period at the click of a button.
  • Detailed and summary reports are at your fingertips. Generate detailed reports explaining your lease payment as well as loan versus lease comparisons. Also, create amortization schedule reports on demand that include annual summaries. You choose the level of detail.


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