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Spyware Seizer 2007

Spyware Seizer has the ability to scan your RAM,Registry,hard drives,advertising,and tracking components, and provides 9 advanced real-time anti-spyware/trojan protection against Trojan horses,spyware,adware,viruses,worms, keyloggers,spybots,browser hijackers,hosts file,and other malware threats.

When Spyware Seizer detects a malicious program or potentially unwanted behaviour, the user is immediately alerted and can prevent the program running or modifying something,Spyware Seizer is also a HIPS which stops malware before it gets on to your computer.

Spyware Seizer also have advanced protection against many of their unknown variants,Spyware Seizer is more than a spyware remover that scans the hijack programs in your computer and tweaks your system, manages key area of your pc. With "Advance tools " you will know everything that is running in your computer including system process, general software, spyware/adware and virus. Also, you can detect IE extentions, BHO(Browser Plug-ins) and services info and system associations and so on.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
File Size:1.72 MB
License:Free to try, $29.95 to buy
Rating :

Spyware Seizer 2007 Features :
  • Scanning - Click here to see screenshot
    Full scanning is used on a manual basis (on-demand scanning) to perform full system sweeps to locate and remove unwanted spyware threats. Full scans can perform in-depth scans of your computer cookies, memory, processes, registry,and privacy.
    In scan disk,you can Set Folder Target for Scan,Allowing you to specific multiple folders as scan target.

  • Cleaning - Click here to see Screenshot
    If spyware has been discovered, you are presented with this screen that allows you to manage the detected spyware. From this screen you can decide what to do for each piece of spyware detected.

    Spyware Seizer is a powerful malware remover which can Removes blocked files when the operating system boots.And Allows the user to move potentially harmful items to special storage, and restore the original state when the user finds out that the item is safe.

  • Real-time Protections - Click here to see Screenshot
    The Spyware Seizer definition files are an in-depth threat identification library to help keep your computer protected from new and possibly unknown threats.And in other ways,Spyware Seizer has 9 real-time active shields.real-time shields help to stop most threats before they can be installed and help protect your privacy and identity as well as helping prevent any unauthorized programs from taking control of your computer.

    These shields work much like security checkpoints in your computer, monitoring system, application, and Internet changes and activity for anything potentially hazardous.

    With real-time shields activated, many spyware applications can be intercepted and disabled before they can be installed, helping to stop potential security leaks before the spyware has the ability to run.

  • HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) - see Screenshot

    The function of a HIPS, is to ensure you have high quality security on your system at all times. Most average computer users think that security is a firewall and antivirus, but this kind of thinking is what contributes to a high probability of security and/or stability issues later down the line.

    When software is installed or a change is made to your protected computer, internet, or application settings,Maybe the change is unknown,But HIPS react to analyze the change, and prompt you for additional action.

    The Shield rules show you the list of entrys you have marked as Allowed or Blocked before, You can modify a rule to change the HIPS action for this entry.(Allow or Block) ,You can also add a rule manually,so next time the HIPS will execute your instructions automatically.

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