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Quick Query

Quick Query Quick Query is a Plug-In for Microsoft® Access. It provides a simple way to perform SQL based queries on the fly, without the need to create and save a query using the standard MS Access interface.
What's wrong with MS Access?
Developers who use database applications such as SQL Server, Oracle or MySql will be used to writing ad-hoc queries to return data, check values, etc. Although MS Access provides the ability to edit the SQL directly, you need to create a new query, bypass the Query Designer and enter SQL Mode. You are then presented with a basic text editor. There is no context sensitive highlighting, and writing anything but the simplest queries can cause major headaches.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows ME/2000/XP/2003
  • Net Framework Version 1.1
  • MS Access 2000 or greate
File Size:535 KB
License:Free to try, $20.00 to buy
Rating :

How is Quick Query any better?
Quick Query allows you to quickly write an SQL query and display the results in the same window. It provides context sensitive highlighting to easily identify keywords and nested pairs of brackets. You can have several temporary queries on the go at the same time, without cluttering the MS Access workspace. Queries stored within the database can be accessed with Quick Query, and then saved back to the database. New queries can also be saved to the database.

Main Features of Quick Query :
  • Run multiple SQL Queries on the fly
    Quick Query allows you to have multiple windows open at once, which are hosted outside of the Access workspace.
  • Context Sensitive Highlighting
    The query area provides context sensitive highlighting. Keywords, restricted words and symbols, brackets and functions are all highlighted for easy identification.
  • Query multiple databases at once
    Each window creates it's own connection to the current database open in MS Access. If the open database changes, that connection is still maintained. This allows you to query one database, while modifying another.
  • Manage existing Access queries
    Quick Query provides access to existing queries in the current access database. Queries can be opened, modified and then saved back into the database. New queries can also be saved into the database. Once saved, queries can be used from within MS Access in the same way as other Access queries.
  • Create queries too complex for Access Designer
    There are certain types of more complex query that cannot be handled in the Access query designer. An example if this is trying to join 2 instances of the same table together with different aliases. Although there is a workaround in Access (using multiple queries), it is difficult to maintain over time.
  • View additional information about each query
    After each query has finished running, the time taken to run the query to the nearest millisecond, and the total number of records returned from the query will be displayed in the status bar.

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