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InfoPro Information Manager

InfoPro Information Manager InfoPro is an application to manage your bits and pieces of information without having to manage multiple files. It can handle anything from a to-do list to complex notes. You can collect all your bits and pieces of information into a "hierarchical collection of notes" inside a "list of lists".
InfoPro is designed to store information in a free-form way that does not limit your imagination.
InfoPro is designed with easy-to-use functionality.
We have tried to make the help file as complete as we can. This will help you get started. We hope the help file will answer many of your questions, guide using InfoPro and for your future reference needs.

If you have never used our software before, you should become comfortable by following instructions in the Startup Tutor located on our website or on your CD.
As always, the folks at ZPAY try to make using the computer simple, easy, as well as fast, and efficient as possible. We know as a user you don't need or require to know complicated procedures.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 1.0.370
  • Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003 or XP
  • Pentium II 500Mhz or better
  • 32 MB RAM or better
  • 25 MB of hard disks space
  • Internet Explorer 5 or better installed
License:Free to try, $29.95 to buy
Download Size:4.98 MB
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

What can I use InfoPro for? Some useful ideas how you can use InfoPro:
  • Use it as a to-do list. Use it to collect notes.
  • Use it to manage bits and pieces of information.
  • Store notes that cannot be easily collected or organized.
  • Use it as a shopping list.
  • Use it as a free-form information organizer.
InfoPro Mini-Feature List:
  • Full Word Processor Functionality
    InfoPro implements full word processing features. Full word processing features allow the user to take down complex notes easily.
  • Ability to embed OLE objects
    InfoPro allows the user to embed OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) objects into the document. This allows other objects, such as Visio Graph, Excel spreadsheet to be embedded within InfoPro.
  • Integrated File Search
    InfoPro has it's own file search window. This allows you to search for files in your hard disk and data inside a InfoPro file.
  • Page Properties Window
    Each document in InfoPro has it's own page properties window. The page properties Window allows you to define your own page settings.
  • Print Preview with PDF support
    InfoPro allows the document to be previewed before printing.The Print Preview allows printing to PDF files instead.
  • Print to Printer
    Print to Printer Window allows you to set page range, printer type, number of copies.
  • Metadata
    Each file allows you to add metadata properties - title, subject, author and an easy way to clear Metadata.
  • Integrated backup and restore functionality
    InfoPro comes with Backup and Restore feature. This compresses your InfoPro file into a zip file for backup. You can also to password protect your ZIP file.
  • Extensive import facilities
    InfoPro allows you to import from Word, RTF, Text File, WordPerfect, HTML. InfoPro has basic integration with Worldox DMS to check-out files from the DMS system.
  • Send Document Facility
    InfoPro allows documents inside InfoPro to be send either by SMTP mail or by Outlook.
  • Second Window
    To allow easy comparison, the current topic can be viewed as a separate window.
  • Find and Replace capabilities
    Find can easily find existing text in the current document.
  • Picture Editing
    You can easily edit picture settings when you select a picture.
  • Right-to-Left language support
    You can edit the language flow for non-English languages.
  • InfoPro supports all font styles
    InfoPro supports a full set of font styles - Bold, Italic, Underline, Left-Align, Right Align, Center, Justify, Subscript, SuperScript, Strikethrough, All Caps, Small Caps, Double Underline, Hidden text, Grow Font, Shrink Font, Bullets, Numbering, Increase Indent and Decrease Indent.
  • Professional Font Dialog
    InfoPro has it's own font dialog box, where you can select font name, font style, font color, character-set, underline color and full set of font styles.
  • Background Document Color
    InfoPro provides a professional color selection window to select color.
  • InfoPro allows nested tables
    InfoPro allows nested tables to be inserted into an existing table. The image below shows part of a document with a table within a table.
  • Syntax Highlight
    InfoPro comes with it's own syntax-highlight window.
  • Font Formatting
    You can easily find out the text formatting with the dialog pane.
  • Extensive Bullets and Numbering Support
    InfoPro allows all types of bullets and numbering to be supported.
  • PDF Generation
    InfoPro allows full control over the PDF creation.
  • Paste from Clipboard
    You can add items from the clipboard.

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