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Eye4Software GPS Toolkit Professional

Eye4Software GPS Toolkit Professional Eye4Software GPS Toolkit Professional is an ActiveX/COM component which allows software developers to add GPS functionality to their programs and scripts, without the need for any knowledge on serial communications and GPS protocols.
Eye4Software GPS Toolkit Professional offers functionality to read and decode NMEA0183 and Garmin PVT data, as well as performing coordinate conversions between geodetic datums and coordinate systems using various map projections, including Transverse Mercator, Oblique Mercator, Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic, Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, Polar Stereographic, Oblique Stereographic, Albers Equal Area, Eckert IV and VI, Mollweide, Krovak, Cassini-Soldner and more.
This ActiveX component can be used in various programming environments, such as Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET, Borland Delphi and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Supported also are web oriented applications such as ASP, ASP.NET and PHP.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008
  • NMEA-0183 compatible (D)GPS device
File Size: 595 KB
License:Free to try, $323.08 to buy
Screenshot :View Screenshot
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Main Features of Eye4Software GPS Toolkit Professional:
  • Retrieve and decode NMEA-0183 position data from a GPS device
    The toolkit will handle all the serial communications from the GPS device, and converts the received NMEA-0183 sentences into usable data, which can be used directly in your software and / or scripts.
  • Use Garmin GPS devices connected using USB
    Most Garmin devices are shipped with an USB instead of a serial cable these days. The protocol used by Garmin is called PVT. The toolkit can communicate directly with the USB driver to read position data from these GPS devices. The data which can be retrieved over the PVT protocol is the same as described for the NMEA-0183 protocol above.
  • Perform geodetic datum and map grid transformations
    The latitude and longitude coordinates from either the GPS or set by the user, can be translated to any map datum or map grid around (for instance to UTM), by just using the built in "GpsProjection" object.
  • Advanced NMEA-0183 features
    It is possible to filter incoming NMEA sentences by message type and talker-id. This can come in handy when multiple NMEA devices are connected to the same port, using for instance a NMEA-0183 data combiner, and you want to decode data only from either a GPS (GP TalkerID ) or Compass (HC TalkerID ). Using the filter, if needed you can also force the toolkit to extract the position from the GLL string rather then the GGA string.

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