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Chilibase for Outlook Pro

Chilibase for Outlook Pro Chilibase for Outlook Pro is the new assistant to manage your Microsoft Outlook and search your Outlook smarter and faster.
With Chilibase for Outlook Pro, you can see your people in an extra Outlook panel, see who is relevant and who is not, see the complete conversation with your people on a single click. See the conversation even with teams.
Chilibase for Outlook Pro is an add-in for Outlook that merges completely with the Outlook interface you are used to. In short, this means you can still use the Outlook features you are accustomed to but add new search possibilities. Let Chilibase boost your search in Outlook! Find information faster!

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7
  • Outlook 2003/PST Vista/2007/PST
  • 256MB RAM
License:Free to try, $49.80 to buy
File Size: 3.55 MB
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Functions of Chilibase for Outlook Pro:
  1. You are looking for an e-mail but cannot think of an adequate keyword, because...
    ... the person has a very common name, or is very active and generates too many hits?
    ... the person contacted is under an alias or address you just cannot remember anymore?
    ... in fact, not this person was involved but another one (and you just don't remember that one, either)?
    In all these cases our keyword search will lead you to the right person and you will end up at the beginning after you already invested too much time searching. You are looking desperately for an important e-mail but you cannot think of an adequate keyword? Without Chilibase you would have to try different keywords, or in the worst scenario, you would have to search your entire inbox! But not with Chilibase: Chilibase thinks people? Search for a relevant person and let Chilibase show you the entire communication process with this person!
  2. You are looking for a person, but have forgotten the name/spelling...
    This is comparable to the case depicted above. But this time you are interested in the name of a person. But you just cannot remember it or you simply misspelled it. Without Chilibase you would have to guess (and again, lose a lot of time). With Chilibase you can use a known person as a starting point and check the connected people or search for a description of the person (for example the company the person works for).
  3. You would like to retrace a complete communication process...
    You need the complete overview of a communication process. But in most cases a single e-mail does not provide us with the necessary information. An e-mail is part of a bigger puzzle. The complete overview can only be displayed by the complete e-mail traffic from and to all parties involved. But with the current system, this would be an exhausting undertaking. You could create a folder or search folder. But this would be very troublesome. The catch is: which are the e-mail addresses; did you think of EVERY e-mail address? Did you think of all parties involved?
  4. You would like to know who was involved in a project or process...
    This is similar to the case described above. But this time you are only interested in the people involved and not the process itself. Needless to say, without Chilibase your chances to come to a satisfying result are limited. With Chilibase you will get results along the way.
  5. You would like to know how many times you have communicated with one or more people...
    You would like to find out, for example, how many times you have been in touch with your customer. Your customer in this case consists of more than one contact. Without Chilibase, you will have to create folders or simply count. With Chilibase, just select all participating people and let Chilibase do the work and display the entire communication.
  6. You do not know where to file an e-mail...
    Let's make it short: just leave the e-mail in your inbox. With Chilibase and/or the keyword search you will always have the e-mail you're looking for close at hand.
  7. You do not know how to organize your folders...
    Actually, you do not need any more folders. With Chilibase you get an overview of your communication on demand. Add descriptions to the participants. This will enable you to quickly find the person you are looking for again with a keyword.


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