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Bankspinner The fruit machine has 4 fruit reels with the win line on the middle of the 3 displayed and 1 number reel. Above the reels the word BANKSPINNER, which is lit up either by numbers found on some of the reels or by other symbols found on a few more, they include SKILLSTOP, which lights up unlit lights in an up and down motion, you have to try to stop it on the last letter to get on the feature board, STOPPA randomly lights the unlit letters, BOOST boosts the letters by a random amount, RESPIN which will respin all the reels and finally random NUDGES. On the left of the reels are numbers 1 to 6 and occasionally you will be given nudges which you have to collect, trying to get at least 6 free nudges.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/XP/NT 4.x/2000
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
File Size:5.93 MB
License:Free to try, $5.99 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Download:Click to Download
Rating :

Feature Ladder:

The Feature ladder is on the left and is full of prizes, as you land on the add features on the main board it adds them to the ladder which you can collect each time it is filled up. When you collect the features on the ladder you are offered a gamble to get the next one up or if lose the one below, else if you collect you get the original one you have won. It has the following features available:-
  • WIN SPIN : - Spins the reels for a 3 or 4 reel random win.
  • DOUBLE UP : - Spins the reels for a 3 or 4 reel win, you then have the option of collecting or gambling to double your win, either until you lose, collect or lose your bottle.
  • REEL STEPPER : - This spins Reel 1, you press the HOLD button to stop it, the reels then step down to match that symbol, if you are fortunate enough to make reel 4 match before reel 3 then larger win is available.
  • CASH FLASH : - Cash Flash displays random wins on the display panel, could be 1 2 or 3 of varying values, when the player hits collect what ever is displayed is added together to give you that prize amount.
  • REEL MATCH : - Reel match spins reel 1, you stop it, it then matches reel2 and 3 to reel 1 then you have to stop reel 4 on the same symbol. If not a 3 reel win if lucky a 4 reel win.
  • CASH LINK : - Cash Link lights up the cash ladder leaving some gaps in between some of the money prizes, you start at the lower end and have 3 shots to light the light, which then joins to the win above if that one is lit, if so you move up the ladder to the next gap and so on. Jackpot win of £500 possible. If you fail after your three shots you end up with the last lit up win below you.
  • CASH COLLECTOR : - Cash collector spins the reels giving random wins, you choose which win to stop on, however you do not know how many chances you have so again if your bottle goes you'll end up with a small win. Whatever win is the last one is given to you if you do not collect.
  • KNOCKOUTS : - The number reel is spun, whatever you stop it on (1-12) is the number of KNOCKOUTS given.
  • SUPER REPEATER : - Guarantees a 4 reel win, then offers a gamble of YES/NO to spin for another win.
  • HIGH SPINNER : - Spins the number reel, whatever number you stop it on is the cash amount you have won, does this several times to build up your win.
  • WIN SERIES : - Guarantees a 4 reel win, then spins again for more 4 reel wins.
  • JACKPOT : - Gives you the £500 Jackpot prize

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