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After Effects 6.5 Professional

The essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects

After Effects 6.5 software continues to set new standards in motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, DVD, and the Web. Offering unmatched integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Audition, Photoshop CS, and Illustrator CS software, After Effects gives you the speed, precision, and power to be visually innovative as you meet production challenges and deliver quality results.
First you need DivX 5.1 which correctly load the AVI file into QuickTime. Once you have DivX 5.1 installed, if you are on MacOS X, drop "AC3 Codec.component" into /Library/QuickTime, or if you are on MacOS 8.x/9.x, drop "AC3 Codec" into your Extensions folder and restart.
That's it ! Now open an AVI file that has AC3 audio, and play !

Software Information System Requirements
File Size:196 MB
  • PowerPC processor
  • Mac OS X v.10.3.2
  • 128MB of RAM
  • 150MB of available hard-disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 24-bit color display adapter
License:Free to try, $999.00 to buy

Key Features and Functions:
  • OpenGL support
    Be more productive with performance optimizations such as OpenGL support for extremely fluid interactive compositing.
  • Disk caching
    Take advantage of disk caching to speed up your interactive work.
  • Unmatched Adobe integration
    Experience unmatched integration with Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, and Adobe Audition software.
  • Easy to learn and use
    Learn as you work with Tool Tips, context-sensitive menus, and comprehensive online Help.
  • Parenting
    Speed up production by defining a parent-child relationship between layers to ensure the child layer inherits all the transformations applied to the parent.
  • 2D and 3D compositing environment
    Composite and animate in 2D or 3D space using multiple cameras and lights.
  • Powerful animation and keyframing
    Animate layers by setting keyframes at specific points in time for properties such as position, scale, rotation, and opacity. Or save time with Animation Presets.
  • Unrivaled text animation
    Create animated text with unprecedented ease. Type and edit text in the Comp window, instantly apply more than 250 text Animation Presets, and much more.
  • Extensive visual effects
    Create visual effects using more than 150 plug-ins to blur, sharpen, distort, shatter, and more.
  • Expressions
    Create animations without using keyframes by defining Expressions that link the behavior of one layer property to that of another property on any layer in the composition.
  • Advanced Clone tool
    Remove unwanted elements from multiple frames more accurately using the advanced Clone tool, which offers five presets and the ability to simultaneously view the source frame as an overlay while you paint.
  • Disk caching
    Take advantage of disk caching to speed up your interactive work.
  • Animation Presets
    Save any combination of animation parameters — including transformations, masks, Expressions, effects, and text — as Animation Presets to quickly reuse without setting keyframes.
  • Tighter Adobe integration
    Import Adobe Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS files with layers and other attributes preserved. In Windows, copy and paste selected Adobe Premiere Pro clips into After Effects, and create motion menus and buttons for use in Adobe Encore DVD and much more.
  • Color correction and grain management effects
    Adjust the color of footage and other elements with powerful color correction tools, such as Color Finesse. Use grain management tools to add grain to make video look more like film, or remove grain to give film the look of video.
  • New special effects plug-ins
    Add dramatic effects to your compositions with more than 60 new plug-ins, including Particle World, Light Burst, Light Sweep, and Toner.
  • New text animation features
    Set blend modes between characters, randomize text, write scripts to automate text changes within animations, and more. Enjoy over 250 professionally designed text Animation Presets.
  • FireWire video output
    Preview your compositions on NTSC and PAL video monitors whether you're using a Windows or a Mac OS X system.
  • More flexible Motion Tracker
    Zero in on any element with the enhanced Motion Tracker, which lets you use as many points as you like or standard one-, two-, and four-point settings; track change in scale or just horizontal or vertical movement; and edit the motion path.
  • Enhanced scripting
    Use scripts to automate management of the Render Queue as well as production tasks including changes to text and layers, creation of custom palettes, and more.
  • Powerful Motion Tracker
    Zero in on any element with the fast, accurate Motion Tracker, which lets you use as many points as you like or standard one-, two-, and four-point settings; track change in scale or just horizontal or vertical movement; and edit the motion path.
  • Network rendering and scripting
    Get finished output faster with network rendering, which distributes jobs across multiple computers. Automate text changes, rendering, and other production tasks with scripting support.
  • Additional keying and matte tools
    Use Keylight to create high-quality mattes, and work with other advanced tools such as the Matte Choker and the Spill Suppressor.
  • Comprehensive warping and distortion effects
    Apply advanced warping and distortion effects to stretch, shrink, skew, and twist any layer. Use Mesh Warp, Reshape, Bézier Warp, Scatter, and Bulge to warp images.
  • Advanced visual effects
    Design and manipulate images with more than 30 additional effects, including grain management tools, Fractal Noise, Advanced Lightning, Glow, and Optics Compensation.
  • Advanced particle system
    Simulate explosions, flocks of birds, swarms of bees, and more using a powerful particle system. Add behaviors such as repel and gravity to your animations. Any layer, even text, can be a particle.
  • Powerful 3D effects
    Expand your 3D compositing options with powerful 3D channel effects. Import camera data from Alias Maya and Discreet 3ds max.
  • Smart Mask Interpolation keyframe assistant
    Create a precise morph from one complex mask shape to another using the Smart Mask Interpolation keyframe assistant.
  • 16-bit color support
    Increase the range of color in the movies you create for better quality results. Import and export 16-bit files in industry-standard formats.
  • AAF and OMF support
    Import timelines from Adobe Premiere® Pro using the Advanced Authoring Format (AAF), and import and export media files in Avid's native format, Open Media Framework (OMF).
  • And much more ...

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